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Welcome to my cooking adventures – janestisane! A lot of family and friends have asked why I haven’t set up a cooking blog and I had several reasons for not doing so. There are so many cooking blogs out there that one more seems crazy and also, blogging does seem a big self-indulgent. However, I do love to discuss the recipes I make and reflect on how the food turns out and this is a way for me to share some good food and have some good discussions about it. I have called the blog Jane’s Tisane because I love tea to distraction and I have been watching a lot of Hercule Poirot recently and he does love his tisane too!


About skeever73

I like to bake and cook, stamp, craft, read, listen to music and muck around with IT and gadgets. I love to drink tea!

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  1. You better put up Nigella’s Pav too and you can always add my Anzac recipe with the ginger in it. The only thing I don’s quite understand is how you managed to mis-spell Jane Is Insane LOL. Loved the blog


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