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Pumpkin Scones

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A further note to scones, the pumpkin scone is a delight to behold – and to consume! For me, the pumpkin is definitely a vegetable and should be used in savoury dishes only, however I do have two exceptions – pumpkin scones and pumpkin damper. I prefer to use a Kent pumpkin as it gives great colour, has good flavour and has a moist texture when steamed. Steaming is my preferred method of making the pumpkin ready for scones and damper, if there is a bit of roast pumpkin left after dinner, that will work too! The recipe I use for the scones is always Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen’s – politics aside, it is the best recipe hands down. It is available in her “Classic Country Collection” along with a lot of recipes that would make the CWA proud. If a recipe is not mine (or not adapted by me at least) then I will give the reference so you can find it, rather than infringe on anyone’s copyright by putting it up on the blogImageImage.


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  1. send me some of these but somehow keep them hot and fluffy in the post LOL


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