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My Nemesis – the American Brownie

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My baking nemesis is the humble American Brownie. I have tried to bake all sorts and am never 100% happy with the result. It may be that the brownie is just not my choice of flavour/texture in a slice, however I keep thinking that I have not hit on the right recipe. I dislike the sugary crust that forms on the top of most brownies – mainly due to the “melting butter and chocolate together” technique that is the base for most of them. Yesterday I made the Mint Chocolate Brownies from Martha Stewart’s website. I stumbled across it and a childhood love of Mint Patties made me try it. You make a fairly standard brownie batter and layer mint patties in the middle. They taste lovely, they are moist and chewy, yet I still feel underwhelmed. Does anyone else have the brownie blues? Is the brownie just chocolate cake’s dodgy little brother? No photo for this one – looks like a brownie, enough said.


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  1. You know where to send the brownies if you have too many lurking in the pantry…


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