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Nigella’s Maple Pecan Bundt Cake

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Today’s therapeutic baking effort was Nigella’s Maple Pecan Bundt cake from her book “Kitchen”. I made it with creme fraiche and the crumb is beautifully moist. I have rather a lot of bundt pans and I love being able to bake cakes in them. My German Marble Cake is usually baked in a bundt or Gugelhupf pan (I usually use the German word rather than bundt). The maple pecan filling is very clever, in that it is held together with a small amount of flour and therefore doesn’t just melt into the mixture. An excellent afternoon tea cake, perfect with a cuppa. Photos are included and the recipe for my German Marble Cake will go in the recipes category. Nigella Lawson – is there nothing that woman can’t do?



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  1. That looks delicious!! I will have to try it in my bundt cake pan.
    My pan should work for it but I do like the pattern on your pan. Check out mine at
    I substitute black cherries for the peanut butter in that recipe sometimes.

    • Hiya 🙂 I love the shine on the outside of your chocolate cake – can tell it was made in a good pan. My pan is from Aldi – once or twice a year they get them in as well as a lot of other European style pans. When you substitute the cherries, add a tablespoon of Kirsch – that will amp up the cherry flavour German-style!

  2. Tom.antipodes

    hmmmm, where is the tab that lets me get an actual slice to taste? Damn computers will they never evolve so we don’t have to eTaste everything

  3. thanks.very good blog and very good share.


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