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David Lynch’s Blue Velvet Cupcakes

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The Red Velvet Cupcake and Cake seem to have become a bit of a fad here in Australia of late, especially for weddings. I was never tempted until I saw a recipe for them in Nigella Lawson’s “Kitchen” cookbook – if it is good enough for Nigella! I was actually lured into trying them because she ices them with a cream cheese icing and frankly, I have never met a cake that cream cheese icing could not rescue or improve. I set about making a batch and invited my 5 year old goddaughter and her parents around as taste-testers. I must have imagined that I had bought the required Christmas Red food colouring gel, as all I found in the pantry were blue, pink and purple. I decided that Blue Velvet would be fine and in honour of director David Lynch (a tenuous, yet plausible naming).

I was pleased with the texture of the cupcake and it had a lovely mild malted vanilla flavour. The colouring was lurid as all heck as you can see – and the colouring lasts in the human body for days – much to the excitement of the aforementi0ned 5 year old! My husband thought he needed a doctor until he remembered the coloured cakes he ate! All in all, I don’t see the fuss about the Red Velvet, it was a nice afternoon tea treat, but not a showstopper in my opinion. I decorated with blue sugar flowers, star sprinkles, blue sugar and sugared violets and I think they all looked quite festive. Let me know about your cupcake adventures!




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