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Cappuccino Pavlova

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The cappuccino pavlova entered our lives via “Nigellissima” and has established itself as a firm favourite. Essentially it is a standard pavlova recipe with coffee powder added to it and no fruit topping. It is easy and delicious, even for those who aren’t huge coffee lovers! Nigella Lawson’s recipe calls for instant espresso powder. The only coffee “powder” I could find was International Roast … yep, grotty old International Roast. Which I now always have a tin of in the pantry because it is amazing in this pav as well as the no-churn coffee ice cream recipe from the same book! A number of pav-lovin’ family members have said that they now prefer this to the traditional one! The texture is brilliant (crispy, chewy AND marshmallowy) and the flavour is just like a mild, creamy cappuccino from the best of coffee shops. It is a surprisingly impressive and sophisticated dinner party dessert.



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