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Further Fortieth Food

Here are two pictures of the other goodies mentioned in my birthday post. Thanks to my aunt for remembering to take photos! 20130922_11401720130922_114043


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I like to bake and cook, stamp, craft, read, listen to music and muck around with IT and gadgets. I love to drink tea!

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  1. *sigh* You would never think her mother and hubby were diabetic would you? LOL LOL
    The best recipe JZ ever gave me was the recipe for the thickies. I am going to ignore all these fab photos and sing the praises of thickies for diabetics. “Oh thickie, oh thickie, oh thickie, how thick you are and how good you taste; especially with mango or banana or strawberries or raspberries or peaches or apricots. Amen.” (she does NOT inherit her baking skills from her maternal grandmother. Anyone will tell you that. “Rock cake anyone? . . . . Duck!!”)


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