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German Cheesecake

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Another birthday! It is my husband’s birthday today and I have baked him his all-time favourite … German Cheesecake. This is a vanilla cheesecake without a base or crust that you will find all over Germany in bakeries. I translated my recipe from a great baking book I brought home with me in 1994 and have been baking this cake ever since. I even bake it in Germany where my in-laws often request it! The original recipe calls for 750g of quark, however this baker’s cheese has only become readily available in Queensland in the last few years. To conquer this problem I have experimented with smooth cottage cheese, ricotta and sour cream. Sour cream is the definite winner and I still use it even though I can buy (hugely expensive!) quark at the supermarket now. If you enjoy the pure, slightly acid cream cheese taste of a true cheesecake then this is one for you to try! It is also gluten-free as 1/2 cup of corn starch is all that is needed to get the right consistency. It is not the most beautiful cake you will ever behold, but the flavour is so good no one will care! The recipe is featured in the “Recipes” category in the blog.

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