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Chocolate Guiness Birthday Cake

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The other birthday cake I made was simpler, but for my buddy who would walk a mile for cream cheese frosting, a girl after my own heart! My Dad found a recipe for jelly shots made with cocoa and Guiness with an Irish Cream layer on top and turned up with the appropriate beverages for us to have a crack at it. It sounds great, however trust us, it’s not! Wow, what a dud! That left me with five cans of Guiness to use up. Two were passed on to my Aunt for her famed Guiness pies and the other two were left on my pantry floor.

Nigella to the rescue! Her Chocolate Guiness Cake features in her Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame chapter in “Feast.” It is an absolute winner in terms of texture, taste, simplicity and longevity! She likens it to unspiced gingerbread and I think this is a great description. It stores brilliantly if you can get people to keep their mitts off it of course! Everyone who has tasted it has fallen in love with it. One tip – you need to use full-fat cream cheese in the icing to get the best effect… I am sure Nigella would approve!



Nigella’s Maple Pecan Bundt Cake

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Today’s therapeutic baking effort was Nigella’s Maple Pecan Bundt cake from her book “Kitchen”. I made it with creme fraiche and the crumb is beautifully moist. I have rather a lot of bundt pans and I love being able to bake cakes in them. My German Marble Cake is usually baked in a bundt or Gugelhupf pan (I usually use the German word rather than bundt). The maple pecan filling is very clever, in that it is held together with a small amount of flour and therefore doesn’t just melt into the mixture. An excellent afternoon tea cake, perfect with a cuppa. Photos are included and the recipe for my German Marble Cake will go in the recipes category. Nigella Lawson – is there nothing that woman can’t do?


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